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The “Christian” concept of god is wrong


Please view paarsurrey posts #14 and #22 in the thread ” Is the Christian God a Fascist? ” on RF:

Nxxxxxs said: #1

Does this explain why it’s hard to tell what the difference is between the Christian right & fascism

Many experts agree on the fact that fascism is an extreme mass political movement which emphasizes nationalism, militarism and the supremacy both of the nation as well as the powerful leader, over the individual. This type of government is opposed to liberal democracies which promote individual rights, competition in elections and political dissent.

Written by: paarsurrey #14

Isn’t it a wrong question, G-d is the same for every religion and or no-religion , it is the Hellenist- Pauline aka ” Christian” concept of god that is wrong and is discussed/debated in this thread , one gets to know, please? Right?


Nxxxxxs said: #18

Well, that’s why I was specific about the Christian God. Their version of God. Christian “Nationalism” has a different concept of God?

I wrote #22 in the form of a letter by paarsurrey

So, it is the “Christian” concept of god that is faulty, they need to correct their thoughts, (Jesus) Yeshua- the Israelite Messiah never had any such concepts, please,…

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