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The Best Sparkling Rosés for Valentine’s Day


Ask most wine drinkers about the most romantic bottles for special occasions, and one style is sure to come up time and time again: sparkling rosé.

The bubbly nature and its beautiful pink hue make it a natural choice. “It’s the pinks and reds, we associate these with romance,” says Wine Enthusiast Tasting Director Anna-Christina Cabrales, a Champagne superfan. “There’s also just something about hearing the pop of a cork, you know something special is about to happen.”

These beautiful bubbles get their blush hue from the skins of black-skinned grapes, conveyed either via blending in still red wine or allowing juice to undergo a short period of skin contact (a process known as saignée). The wines that result can be anything from salmon-colored to almost blood-red.

The flavors of the ice cream can be anything from watermelon to white strawberries, as well as red and blue fruits. They also include savory notes such a bacon, spices and herbs like clove, black pepper and tarragon. These factors make the category very diverse and well-suited to a wide range of palates. “People don’t seem to understand the versatility of sparkling rosé,” says Cabrales.

This rose-tinted wine ,…

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