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The Best Shackets For Cozy Fall Style


The pleasures of fall are nearly unmatched, at least if you’ve prepped your menswear wardrobe accordingly. You’ve hopefully already sorted out your go-to fall fragrance and perhaps even your favorite fall whiskey, and the hour is upon us to nail down your next #OOTD in seasonally friendly fashion.

There are plenty of paths to tread during brisk fall days, but when the situation calls for a casually rugged look, it’s in your best interest to meet the moment with one the best shirt jackets (or “shackets”). Think of it as a Swiss Army Knife that is designed to be versatile and adaptable for the changing seasons.

For all those days when it’s a touch too chilly to simply wear a thermal henley or a chambray shirt on its own, the “shacket” beefs things up, using fabrics like cozy cotton flannel and helpful chest pockets to deliver utility and warmth. The shirt jacket means business, but not in a way that’s overly formal or stuffy.

It’s the best of both worlds, part shirt and part jacket, ready to handle fall day hikes as easily as it can take on another dram of whiskey on a crisp fall night. It doesn’t announce itself, it just gets the job done — here are some options to consider ASAP.

Flint and Tinder Quilted Niylon Shirt Jacket


It’s hard not to love Flint and Tinder’s sense of all-American style. The brand, a Huckberry-owned in-house line, produces tough-as nail gear that gets better over time. Take this abrasion and nylon shirt jacket with a flannel interior. The great outdoors calls. $228

Percival Blanket Overshirt


Percival will be in the spotlight a lot. New York Shirt was the first U.S. Pop-up for East London’s brand. The store is bursting with colorful, eclectic pieces, which are a refreshing take on classics. This Italian wool overshirt is similar to the fleece jackets you wore in your youth, but it’s more mature and cool-looking. $165

Schott CPO Wool blend Work Shirt


The venerable New York City label offers a nautical-inspired shirt coat made from a durable wool blend for those days you feel like switching things up. The oversized chest flap pockets provide essential everyday storage, while the seasonal color options add a touch of timeless fall style. $125

Buck Mason Wool CPO Coat

(Buck Mason)

The U.S. Navy favored CPO jackets (and named them so because of the utility they valued). The style was burly and hard-working, so it makes perfect sense as a source of inspiration for Buck Mason’s modern revamp of the silhouette. The interior is kept warm by the nylon ripstop lining, and the exterior is made of handsome woolen twill. $248

Taylor Stitch Yosemite Flannel T-Shirt

(Taylor Stitch)

Each season, San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch dreams up the sort of menswear that’s so timeless, you might wonder why it’s not in your closet already. The Yosemite Shirt, made of ultra-soft cotton flannel chamois and available in a variety of colors and patterns for the season, is a favorite among fans. Wear it over a thermal henley or use it as a style swerve unbuttoned over a crewneck sweatshirt: Just make sure you’ve got at least one close at hand. $128

Filson Seattle Wool Jac Shirt


Filson’s name is synonymous with rugged outerwear, made to withstand frigid temperatures and extreme adventures. You’re not obligated to wear your own Filson jac-shirt in that same fashion, but this burly option is made in the U.S.A. from sturdy 18oz wool in a handsome plaid color for good measure. $395

Madewell Brushed Flannel Shirt Jacket


Shirt jackets are a great blank canvas for your #OOTD. It’s true that warmth is the main goal, but adding some pattern to the jacket (like you might see on a fall tailored blazer) makes it look super sharp. Madewell updates the cozy brushed flannel “shacket” with an eye-catching plaid pattern, and it retails for a standout price. $98

Y. Chroma Varial Shirt-Cut Jacket

(Y. Chroma Apparel)

We’re willing to bet you’ve not come across a brand like Y. Chroma before. Vivid colors, like something out of an uber-hip Wes Anderson movie, meet silhouettes that are familiar but at once different… in the most stylish way possible.

Take this shirt jacket: It’s executed in a refined manner, with a flattering oversized collar, deep patch pockets and textured, vibrant fabric with tons of depth. As the upstart brand (founding date: 2023) notes, it’s cool enough to replace your blazer — this is a “shacket” you can certainly wear to the office. $499

Todd Snyder Italian Boucle Top

(Todd Snyder)

Todd Snyder breaks the mold with a shirt-jacket that can be worn in style at a speakeasy while holding an Old Fashioned. That’s but one way this elegant Italian wool overshirt can be worn, but it’ll also prove plenty effective around a roaring fall fire. $328

Line of Trade Ridge Quilted Flannel Shirt

(Bespoke Post)

Best shirt jackets are designed to be versatile and adaptable. They can help you prepare for anything, from rain or wind to freezing temperatures. Bespoke Post offers a shirt jacket that meets all these needs and more. It has a cotton-flannel exterior with quilted insulating material to enhance your thermal base layer. $95

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