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The best navigation apps for courier van drivers

The best navigation apps for courier van drivers

For courier drivers, GPS navigation applications have helped them to plan the most efficient and fastest way to deliver their packages.

Most courier drivers rely upon good navigation apps. While some rely solely on their local knowledge, others rely on GPS.

Adrian Flux, the experts in courier van insurance, have compiled a list of the best GPS apps that you can download to your phone. We’ve even found some that don’t need constant internet access, which is handy if your 4G breaks down or reception is a little iffy.

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Photo by Pavel Danilyuk taken from Pexels.

1. RouteXL

The biggest drawback with most apps is they work brilliantly if you need directions from A-B, but if you have multiple drops to factor into your day’s work, they begin to struggle.

RouteXL sort addresses to minimize the overall route duration, saving you time and fuel. It also reduces costs and emissions. The app will calculate your route by adding your starting location, all destination locations and pressing enter. The app allows you to copy and paste addresses directly from spreadsheets or emails.

You can print the directions and route on the map.

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