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The Best Lightweights in Prizefighting History


What is the best boxer to compete in lightweight division?

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The lightweight division in boxing features competitors who weigh between 130 to 135 pounds. This weight class has seen many legendary fights. Oscar De La Hoya is one of many famous names. Others include Ray Mancini and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

There are so many great fighters in the lightweight division that it is difficult to rank them. This article will look at some of the pugilists that made the biggest impact in lightweight.

Roberto Duran, a professional boxer of legend, is an amazing athlete.


1. Roberto Duran

  • Pro career: 1968–2001
  • Pro record: 103–16 with 70 knockouts
  • Titles: WBA light weight champion, WBC lightweight champion, and The Ring Lightweight champion

Roberto Duran is a Panamanian born in El Chorrillo. He had an amateur career of only 29 wins, 3 losses and a total of 0 losses.

Duran was a man of great stamina and he enjoyed pressure fighting. He was a fan of brutal hooks in the head and body to knock down boxers.

Hands of Stone started his career as an amateur and soon became…

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