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The Secret to Facial Massages


By India Espy-Jones ·Updated August 11, 2023

The key to improving the quality of your skin is our latest beauty secret. Facial massages are a complementary, one-step method to seamlessly integrate into your daily skincare routine. Facial massages have been a hot topic in recent news. TikTok estheticians who are trending are using personalized neck and face massages for their clients to address specific skin concerns.

Vanessa Simmons, TV personality, reveals to ESSENCE her skin care routine, which includes facial treatments. 

“TikTok is exposing all the new [beauty trends] people may not have heard of,” Simmons said. “My new favorite beauty trend is face workouts.” facial massages due to their therapeutic advantages, which consequently enhance not only facial wellness but also contribute to overall bodily health.“You may not realize lymph runs through our face; face workouts and ice massages help with anti-inflammation, blood flow, and oxygenation.”

If you’re not a licensed esthetician and would like to try facial massages at home, here’s key techniques and benefits to boost the essence of your skin.  

Gentle Massages

Face massages are a great way to maximize the absorption…

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