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How to get the most out of your sun-kissed color with the best hair colors for tan skin


No matter if it comes from spending time in the sun’s rays or from a self-tanner bottle, a sun-kissed glow can add radiant color to your face and shed years from your look. A late summer tan may change your hair’s color in relation to your skin tone, which could make you look dull or washed-out. You might want to think about a change in hair color. As Gregory Patterson, an at-home color & styling expert for Sally Beauty puts it, “Think of hair color as an additional makeup palette stored in your drawer for special things — like being a bronzed goddess.” Luckily the changes are simple to make! Learn what hair color is best for tanned skin.

What hair colours look good with a suntan? 

You probably had in mind your skin tone, your undertone, and the color you wanted to achieve when you colored your hair. But tans can bring out warmth in your skin — even for people who are normally in the cool family and that can throw off the usual balance of the play between the tones of your skin and hair. “This is the time when cooler hair tones and going slightly lighter can be very flattering, especially if you are blonde,” says Carin Freidag, Senior Manager…

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