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The Best Decisions You Can Take for Your Marriage


Researchers claim that a person takes 35,000 daily decisions.

What is the best coffee creamer to use?

Do you want to get out of bed today or tomorrow?

What is the best way to scratch your head? With our left or right hand?

Answer the phone or not?

We make so many choices that we often don’t recognize that our ability to choose is even involved.

This one is for you: Love your spouse.

We talk about love as if it’s an outside force. We say, “It was love at first sight.” Or we “fell in love.” We chalk up love to chance or chemistry instead of a conscious decision to act toward our spouse in loving ways.

Our marriage’s quality at any moment is the result of many small decisions made over time. Marriages are affected by big and small things. The beauty of a marriage is largely based on the choices we make each day.

Dr. Ron Welch, a clinical psychologist who specializes on marriage and family dynamics, is an expert in this field. Jan Welch, his wife, is a teacher working with children at risk. The book was written by them 10 Choices Successful Couples Take: The Secrets of a Long-Lasting Love and are with us on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “The Best Choices You Can Make for Your Marriage” to explain how simple decisions…

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