Home Automotive Tesla Cybertruck owner crashes truck into building the day it was delivered

Tesla Cybertruck owner crashes truck into building the day it was delivered

Tesla Cybertruck owner crashes truck into building the day it was delivered


The owner of a Tesla Cybertruck appears to have destroyed it after an incident at a Los Angeles hotel. Images of the crash have circulated widely online, along with a rumor that the crash was caused by a valet—whom Tesla CEO Elon Musk publicly mocked. Multiple outlets now report that there was no valet involved in the crash, only a Tesla owner who is a complete idiot. Should we say a former Tesla owner instead?

The crash is believed to have taken place late Sunday evening at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Tesla apparently struck a large concrete pot with enough speed that it was able to climb over it, tearing a big chunk out of the wall. Not only were the Cybertruck’s wheels torn off in the impact, but the truck traveled far enough forward to damage the sign on the hotel’s property.

An X/Twitter poster Musk responded to the claim that a valet at a hotel was responsible for the crash. Musk claimed to have been a friend who made the claim.

“Cyberbeast is faster than a Porsche 911, but looks like a truck, so perhaps the valet wasn’t expecting so much acceleration,” Musk said in a tweet. Both however, Inside EVs The following are some examples of how to get started: Teslarati Since then, several publications have reported that the owner was the one who drove the truck during the accident. The latter outlet published that it was the owner’s first day with the truck. Perhaps a valet wouldn’t know better, but one of the truck’s earliest adopters probably should.

It’s obvious that what happened was the same as when GMC Hummer Electric Vehicles began to appear on the roads. Someone with more money than common sense bought a heavier, more powerful truck than they were capable of handling and wrecked the vehicle out of sheer hubris. The fact that nobody was hurt in the crash is the best we can say about it, though we’re all holding out for a look at the truck’s cast frame to see how it held up. The truck’s cast frame will be examined to see how it held up. that crumpling in the A-pillarI am not sure.

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