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Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis: What is it?


Table of Contents

  • What is technical Analysis in Crypto?
    • Technical Analysis: Its Benefits
  • What is fundamental analysis in crypto?
    • The Benefits of Fundamental Analyses
  • Differences between Technical and Fundamental Analysis in Crypto
    • Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis: What is their focus?
    • Time Horizon: Fundamental vs. technical analysis
    • Basic Analysis vs. technical Analysis: Decision basis and data sources
    • The Difference Between Fundamental and Technical Analysis
    • Basic Analysis vs. technical analysis: limitations
  • What is better, fundamental or technical analysis:

If you’re new to investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies, about stock prices or crypto prices, you’ve likely come across terms like technical analysis and fundamental analysis. And you may be curious about what these terms really mean, and that’s perfectly normal.

That’s why this article is here to guide your understanding of these types of analyses, highlighting their differences and helping you determine which one might be more suitable for you.

SIDENOTE. Although this article is primarily focused on cryptocurrency, the majority of information can be applied to other financial markets such as bonds.

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