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Take a look at our recent trips to the UK

It is impossible to compare the experience of taking tea in a country where it is common practice to take a break in the middle of the afternoon and enjoy a delicious meal. If you are an afternoon-tea enthusiast who has never had the extraordinary opportunity to travel to England and experience the joy of drinking a cup of English Breakfast in the motherland, then doing so should be on your bucket list, or as we like to call it, your “teacup list.” This past May, we were fortunate to host 20 of our marvelous readers on a magnificent, tea-filled retreat steeped in tea wares, history, and traditions. This was an adventure we had been planning for years. We will never forget it.

The Milestone Hotel hosted a tea party for retreat participants.

TeaTime in England began in London’s bustling city, where our staff welcomed our participants to the luxurious Milestone Hotel in Kensington, across from Kensington Palace. The 5-star boutique is charmingly British, has an incredibly helpful staff and is intimate.

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