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Teaching courses that provoke student anxiety

Teaching courses that provoke student anxiety

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    Do you teach a course which causes anxiety among students? This seems to be the case for all kinds of courses today. Student are convinced they can’t learn what we’re teaching, worry they won’t do well on the tests, and become filled with anxiety over anything in a course that looks like it might be hard.

    The history is on the side of those who are worried about student anxiety. Some courses have long promoted anxiety, think statistics courses, for example, and that’s spawned a good amount of literature on its causes and cures. Two recent articles (see references) examine the anxiety that is associated with social sciences statistics courses. The article in Teaching Sociology A bibliography is available that highlights the literary works. The content of both articles can be applied to courses or other content involving high anxiety.

    What is it that makes students fear the statistics course in social science? According to research cited by the sociology…

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