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Taurus GX4 Carry Finds the Right Balance Between Capacity & Carry


Taurus USA, with its new pistols released in recent years, has created quite the stir within the industry. The TX-22 launched the G3 range. GX4 is the result of a quick response to the hidden carry crowd. Taurus has now increased the capacity of its GX4 Carry.

Taurus GX4 Carry

The GX4 has evolved over the years to include some fantastic new variants. Taurus USA proudly announces the launch of Taurus GX4 Carry. It’s the newest addition to the award-winning GX4 Series.

Taurus GX4 Cary is a compact but larger frame that sets it apart from its smaller sibling. It is the ideal balance between capacity and concealability.

Think of it as a GX4 XL that has been boosted. The polymer frame closely resembles that of the original pistol. The grip has been lengthened a bit.

The longer grip allows the shooter to have a full-hand hold on the pistol when shooting. The longer grip also makes it easier to draw the pistol under stress. Likewise, Taurus didn’t let any space go to waste and was able to pack 2 extra rounds into the magazines for this longer grip. This will give you two 15-round magazines that have a base pad with an angled bevel for easy concealment.

Taurus has also added a finger indexing bump to the longer grip. This makes the GX4 feel more ergonomic than before. On the front of the new frame, you’ll find a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail, which is a great addition to a carry gun. The shooter can accessorize their gun with a laser or light of choice.

The pic rail is also helpful in balancing out the GX4 just a bit better. To offset the additional rounds in the magazine, a slight amount of weight was added to the front.

Shooting the GX4 Carrier

A flat-faced, serrated polymer shoed lever is located inside the frame. In my opinion it’s one of best triggers on the market for this price. The take-up is mild, with a short, crisp break as soon as you hit the wall.

The short and smooth trigger reset makes it easy to take follow-up shots. The longer frame helps to manage recoil. You can swap out the magazine release button based on your preferences.

The Taurus GX4 Carry.

Three backstraps are available to customize the pistol for each shooter. The slide of the GX4 XL is also the same, with a pair of standard steel iron sights.

The sight channel is cut to accommodate sights from Glock pistols. There are many options on the market if you wish to replace your sights. A 3.06″ DLC-coated barrel offers high durability and performance, even in harsh shooting environments.

Taurus’ new GX4 carry may be the best option for those looking for a new gun to carry. This gun is not expensive, with an MSRP of just $504.99. This gun is a reliable and durable pistol.

TaurusUSA.com has more information on the Taurus GX4 Carry as well as other Taurus products.

Taurus GX4 Carry Specs

Caliber: 9MM LUGER
Capacity: 15 Rounds
Front Sight You can fix it yourself
Rear Sight Drift Adjustable
Magazines Included : 2
Action Type SAO
Frame Size Compact
Barrel Length: 3.06 In.
Total Length 6.40 In.
Height: 5.15 In.
Width: 1.08 In.
Weight: 21.51 Oz. (Unloaded)
Twist Rate Twist 10-0-inch RH
MSRP: $504.99

The Taurus GX4 Carry.
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