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Tartan 455, Made in Ohio but built to travel the globe


A large cockpit area with twin wheels, a crew/guest cabin with an easy-access deckhouse and a complete inside steering station are the main features of the Tartan 455.
Jon Whittle

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Certain boats and brands, to me, are synonymous for many reasons with the waters or region where they were made. The places are an essential component of the boats’ DNA. I’ll always associate a varnished mahogany runabout with upstate New York, or a cool little vintage catboat with Buzzards Bay and southern New England. Each classic Hinckley and Morris that I see paints a vivid picture of coastal Maine. Even yachts, which travel the world and sail or cruise there, still communicate a sense if place. The boat I was on, a Tartan 455, had just been launched and we were pointing the bow of the boat into the rough waters of Lake Erie. I instantly felt connected to the factory in northeast Ohio, where it was built. It all felt…

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