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Benjamin Comar talks the New Piaget Polo Polo with CEO Benjamin Comar


The new 38mm automatic 1200P1 is a slim, ultra-thin caliber. Polo The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Piaget Many people have waited for this. The watch is a tribute to the original Piaget watch that was introduced in 1970s and quickly became the symbol of its time. It also marks the 150th Anniversary of the company. We spoke about it with Piaget CEO Benjamin Comar;

Martin Green Piaget will be 150 years old this year. How do you intend to celebrate this special occasion?

Benjamin Comar: This is a very special year. We are definitely amplifying what we have sparked over the last 2 and a half years – the coherence between past and present times; having them collide into flamboyance, as we say. It’s not about dwelling in the past but being on this thin line.

What is your opinion of the most important moment in the history of the company?

Unable to choose. Everything was unexpected and decisive, from the mastery in ultra-thinness through to the birthing of the jewelry watch, the work done on ornamental stone or gold. Each saga, each person has shaped the Maison’s history and all of them deserve to be rediscovered or discovered again.

How important is Polo in Piaget’s rich history
There is no doubt that this is an important chapter. Polo is our symbol. It has gone through times carrying a lot of the Maison’s savoir-faire and is the perfect embodiment of its story and DNA. It is a very special watch to both the Maison and Mr Yves Piaget. It’s the first watch which had its own name; before this you were just wearing a Piaget. More than just the watch which marked the entry in the American market, carried by Yves Piaget and Grinberg, it’s the perfect definition of Piaget’s distinction. When the early stages of the sporty-chic trend saw a lot of steel watches, Yves Piaget decided to stick to the family’s decision to only use precious metal and to carve this integrated bracelet in full gold. As the advertisements were saying back then “Piaget time only measured in gold”. This was a statement, this was bold and it’s this mix of elegance and extravagance that has curated the Maison’s success and still runs in our DNA, what we call the Maison of Extraleganza.

How did you develop this new edition, as the design of the watch was already set but the rest is completely different?

It took a long time for the designers to decide on the specifications and design of the watch. The first Polo watch was a square model, and then the round version. It was easy to choose the round model, but it took time to decide on the right size and the evolution from the past into the present. We wanted to test the weight and feel of the prototypes, so we made them all gold. All the changes have been made, while the overall effect of the redesign remains. Like all the other minor tweaks, the work on this one was the most intensive.

What else can we expect from Piaget in the future?
This year we will celebrate many milestones, each one celebrating a saga or story, an icon, a product. Watches and Wonders will be next followed by our high jewelry collection in June. That’s all I can share for the moment but stay tuned.

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