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Tailgate Wars – Why the 2024 Ford F-150 has a swinging door out back



Few years ago, pickup truck manufacturers started to reimagine what the tailgate could be. It’s now more than something to heave firewood over, or a place to relax before the ballgame, with Ford improving its potential as a workspace. And on the 2024 Ford F-150, it’ll get even better with an optional new “swing gate” that’ll make bed access easier than ever.

Pro Access Tailgate will be available soon for the new full-size Ford. It adds an opening that opens sideways to the traditional tailgate. At first, it sounds a lot like Ram’s “barn door” tailgate from a few years back, which had a built-in step but never set the world on fire. Ford learned from Ram’s misstep, though, and worked out a way to make its own tailgate more functional.

The swing gate has its handle on the left side and hinge on the right, shortening the distance from the driver’s seat to where you open the bed. The hinge is detented to stay in place in three different angles: 37, 70 and 100 degrees. This allows for worry-free operation in various situations.

You’ll keep it at 37 if you’re trying not to bonk a trailer jack, or maybe 70 if you’re backed into your garage. One-hundred degrees is the max, for when you want to slide something out but don’t need to swing down the whole tailgate. It’d save you from leaning across the tailgate, giving you 24 inches of extra reach into the bed according to Ford, which a regular tailgate could get in the way of. It allows for easier access to features like Pro Power Onboard or the bed storage container, and is designed to work with accessories such as dividers and tonneau covers.

In addition to a key fob release for the tailgate, the 2024 F-150 brings on an optional rear bumper step that’s wider and deeper than before. The tailgate is equipped with a ruler, cupholder and a work surface for the job site.

It’s unclear which trims the Pro Access Tailgate will be offered on, though it’s easy to see them being available from top to bottom.

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