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Swanson: Dodgers going one way, Angels going the other


LOS ANGELES — Everything the Dodgers touch turns to gold; just about everything the Angels touch turns to something else.

We’ve been living a Bizarro bit of baseball in Los Angeles and “Los Angeles.” It might not shock you that the boys in blue are going so good they’ve exceeded expectations while the Halos try just to keep the sky from crashing all the way down in Anaheim. Not if you’ve been paying any attention to the Dodgers’ dominant last decade while the Angels kept whiffing on the playoffs.

Even accounting for recent history, the way the clubs have practically beelined for opposite poles since the Aug. 1 trade deadline has been remarkable. We were especially pleased that the Angels had made moves to adapt to the situation and criticized the Dodgers because they did not do enough.

Yeah, ’bout that.

You can choose any category to tell the stories. One is a well-worn, reliable motivational story. The other is a tragedy, with a few teasing points of light sprinkled in – like Wednesday’s 2-0 victory, a near-no-hitter, against the American League West-leading Rangers in Texas.

Yin. The Dodgers are 14-1 in August and running away with the National League West – tacking on a 10th…

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