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“Survivalist” Manhunt: Craig Caudill’s Insights Of a Fugitive on the Run


We get a look at the complex world of survival and evasion in the midst of a thrilling escape incident that took place in Pennsylvania. The film also shows the difficulties faced by law enforcement to capture a fugitive. Craig Caudill is our guide. He was recently interviewed by the Nature Reliance School, Kentucky. Craig Caudill has a wealth of knowledge in wilderness training and survival. FOX asked Craig Caudill to share his expertise in the search for Michael Burham. Burham was an escaped convict with military training and some survival skills that he had self-taught. This interview reveals the harsh realities of wilderness survival, the complex dynamics, and the strategies to evade capture. All this is based on a real-life, unfolding scenario. You can watch Craig’s video interview and learn more about the situation by reading below.

Above: The Allegheny National Forest is huge, covering a little more than 800 square miles.


As of July 13, 2023, the search for Michael C. Burham, an escaped prisoner in northwest Pennsylvania, continues. Burham is believed to have escaped by climbing up a pull-up machine in the recreation yard of the prison, getting on top of the roof and then sliding down the roof with a rope that was made from bedsheets. He is wanted by the FBI in connection with Kala Hodgkin’s death. He has also been accused of kidnapping and stealing an elderly couple’s SUV and fleeing South Carolina.

Burham is described as a “self-taught survivalist with military training.” This includes 12 years as a Water Treatment Specialist (92W) and Utilities Equipment Repairer (91C) in the Army Reserve from February 2008 to December 2020. At the end of his service, he held the rank Sergeant. He did not have any deployments. Col. George Bivens is the deputy commissioner of operations at Pennsylvania State Police. He warns Burham that he should be regarded as armed and dangerous.

Authorities have extended the search for Burham into the Allegheny National Forest. They found potential stockpiles, and camps that authorities believe are connected to him. Information leading to Burham’s capture will earn you a reward of $19,500. The search is being conducted by multiple agencies, including Pennsylvania State Police and U.S. Marshals Service U.S. Forest Service U.S. Border Patrol and others are involved in the search.

Wanted poster for escaped fugitive Michael Burham.

Situation Analysis

Allegheny Forest is a challenging area in Pennsylvania. This is where the fugitive, who is suspected to be hiding out, is thought to be. This mixed hardwood is a breeding ground for wildlife and insects, and poses constant dangers to your safety. Craig explains that although the forest has resources for survival, its rugged terrain, limited resource in some areas and the need to avoid law enforcement makes this a difficult survival situation for inmates.

Burham is faced with a number of survival challenges. These go beyond just evading police. Craig Caudill explains that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, has the same basic needs: safety and security. The need to survive in the outdoors is even more urgent, as factors such hydration or mental stress are at play. Craig stresses the importance of mentality in survival situations and says that Burham’s mental resilience and skills may be put to the test by the physical, psychological and environmental pressures.

Craig Caudill goes on to say that Burham’s mental fatigue could be due to the constant stress of being chased, having harsh environmental conditions, or even encountering wildlife. The fugitive may find that he is using more energy, both mentally and physically, if he does not have the training or experience to handle stress. It increases his thirst and need for water. This also increases his risk as he must obtain these items from the environment. These factors increase his chances of being captured, because they force him to make potentially fatal mistakes.

Photo of a dam located in the heavily forested valley of the Allegheny wilderness.

Above: Law enforcement officers and fugitives face many challenges due to the steep terrain and twisting rivers.

Public Safety

It’s important to remember that community vigilance is essential in the face of such a manhunt. Craig Caudill’s insights are invaluable, but it’s important to remember searching for a man on your behalf is dangerous and should be left to authorities. In the meantime, it is vital that the general public remains alert and keeps a constant awareness of the situation, especially for those who reside in or around Allegheny Forest. Anyone who sees anything suspicious, or knows where Michael Burham is located, should contact local authorities. Public safety is of paramount importance, and any information, however small, can be vital in resolving the tense situation.

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