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A Sailor’s Dog and Survival at Sea


After two months at sea, a Mexican trawler found Tim Shaddock and his dog Bella in the Pacific Ocean.

Shaddock had left La Paz, Mexico three months earlier. One month into the trip they were caught in a storm that wiped out all of the catamaran’s electronics, making it impossible for Shaddock to reach out for help.

Shaddock, Bella and their crew survived at sea by eating raw fish. They also drank rainwater. A helicopter accompanying the tuna trawler spotted Shaddock’s boat and alerted the trawler. A doctor onboard noted that Shaddock had “normal vital signs.”

Shaddock, Bella and the tuna trawler they were rescued on.

Grupomar | Atun Tuny

“I’m just needing rest and good food because I’ve been alone at sea a long time,” Shaddock told NBC news. “I have not had food, enough food, for a long time.”

Shaddock tried to last as long as possible while waiting for help. He hid under his boat’s canopy which helped avoid sunburn and dehydration. Bella was probably the key to his survival.

Bella resting after rescue

Grupomar | Atun Tuny

“He had companionship. Once you’ve…

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