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Stop Dreaming, Start Boating™ with OceanPoint Marine Lending


OceanPoint Marine Lending offers a variety of loan options for watercraft enthusiasts. As a division of BankNewport, OceanPoint Marine Lending’s team is eager to help its clients realize their dreams of boat ownership.

OceanPoint Marine Lending is a Division of BankNewport

OceanPoint Marine Lending’s flexibility in funding is a key factor. OceanPoint Marine Lending is able partner strategically with BankNewport as well as large national banks, credit unions, or other sources in order to provide the best funding strategies for those who are looking to get onto the water. The highly-skilled team can provide credit approvals and close documents quickly to get clients on the boat faster.

Laurie Kiser, Vice President & Marine Product Manager of OceanPoint Marine Lending engages with a customer

OceanPoint Marine Lending’s ability to provide loans for various types of vessels, such as liveaboard, charter and older boats is a competitive edge. To learn more about OceanPoint Marine Lending’s position as a leader in the marine lending field, please watch this video…

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