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Sterling K. Brown, Mark Duplass are last on Earth in ‘Biosphere’


There are intentional laughs in “Biosphere” where Sterling K. Brown and Mark Duplass are the last two people on Earth.

They live in a hermetically sealed dome with a few fish – named after “Friends’ characters – as they face their fate.

“The way it started,” Duplass, 46, began in a Zoom interview, “was my subconscious.  A completely unknown impulse that said, ‘It should be two men inside of a dome, fiercely arguing about Super Mario Brothers.’

“We should,” he continued, “have a sense that they have nothing better to do. I started following that with no idea where it was going to go.”

Only later did Duplass realize, ‘I had a self-discovery where I’m unwinding some latent toxic masculinity issues within myself –because I grew up in the South, went to an all-male high school and was told that we were meant to be the leaders who take the reins and people will follow us.”

But he felt it was limited. So he engaged Mel Aslyn who makes her directing debut with “Biosphere.”  “She runs our company and brought her perspective as a science nerd and queer woman to round out the story that kept growing into the multi-headed, lovely, sweet monster that…

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