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State Food Safety Index for 2022-2023


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Recently released the State Food Safety Index (2022-2023) This report assesses how Indian states and union territory perform in terms of food safety. This annual evaluation uses a dynamic benchmarking to objectively measure the food safety in all regions.

The latest index added a new parameter. ‘Improvement in SFSI Rank,’ altering the weights of existing parameters and shedding light on states’ progress over the previous year.

Overall decline in food safety scores across the States

  • 19 out of 20 Maharashtra and Bihar are two of the largest Indian states. Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat also saw their SFSI score decline from 2019 to 2022-2023.

Impact of 2023 Index Parameter Change

  • Once you have adjusted for the new parameter 15 out of 20 States SFSI scores were lower in 2022-2023 as compared to 2019.

Decline in ‘Food Testing Infrastructure’

  • There is a significant decline in the number of states that have adequate testing infrastructure, trained personnel, and a food testing program.
  • The average score fell from 13 out of 20 In 2019, 7…

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