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State Approaches in Enhancing the Supply Chain’s Resilience


This paper examines supply chain issues in the advanced manufacturing sector, including transportation, infrastructure, renewable energy and battery applications.Figcaption


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Executive Summary

The COVID-19 epidemic highlighted the importance and value of the United States’ industrial base, its supply chains, as well as the need for job training in the manufacturing industry. The COVID-19 pandemic brought supply chain issues to the forefront with the shortages of medical equipment and the need for manufacturing capabilities to be implemented quickly for reshoring.

Both the federal and state governments and territories took steps to strengthen U.S. Supply Chains. President Biden issued an Executive Order, and asked federal agencies to submit reports on the industrial base. Congress passed laws to target state and local requirements during the pandemic. Recent legislation has targeted specific sectors including infrastructure, transportation and renewable energy. It also includes battery applications and semiconductors for a variety applications in national security.

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