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State and Territory Leaders meet for the Next Generation of the Healthcare Workforce Summit


The National Governors Association Healthcare Workforce Summit 2023 was held from August 21-23 in Broomfield Colorado. The summit brought leaders from 18 states, territories and the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices’ (NGA Center), healthcare workforce project together. The three-day event was packed with peer-topeer learning and presentations by healthcare workforce experts. It also included opportunities for interstate dialogue and setting goals.

The summit concluded the NGA Center’s second year of convening this project – a year that has seen the project grow from a small cohort to a large and expansive network. The NGA Center held a series webinars during the second year and added new resources and tools to the newly-released Healthcare Workforce Toolkit. Moreover, the NGA Center was convened Three regional workshops This summit served as a bookend for the second year of programming, leading into a third year where the NGA Center hopes to add more states and territories to this growing… This summit marked the end of the NGA Center’s second year programming. It will lead into the third year when the NGA Center hopes that more states and territory can be added to its growing…

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