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Purnahuti marks the end of Srisailam Brahmotsavam


KurnoolOn Wednesday, the Sankranti brahmotsavam in Srisailam ended with the sacrosanct Purnahuti ritual.

In the sacred premises of Sri Swamy Yagashala, priests performed rituals that were dedicated to Sri Chandeeswara Swamy. Purnahuti is followed by Kalashodwasana. Trisula Sanam and Mahadasheervachanam are performed.

Purnahuti is the culmination of sacrificial offering. It involves various aromatic spices, and new garments. Vasantotsavam followed. In continuation with the divine proceedings. Chandeeswara Swami underwent Avabrutha Snanam, a ritualistic bath in Pushkarini.

Nithyakalyana Mandapam hosted important rituals such as Sadashyam Nagavalli, and Dhwajarohanam. Vedic scholars enhanced the Vedasvasti Ceremony with their chanting, blessings and profound chanting.

The Goshala at the Devasthanam is now home to saplings of many varieties including mango, Simhachalam, Panasa and Neredu, as well as other species.

Trust board member O. Madhusudan Reddy, Board of Trustees Chairman Reddyvari Chakrapani Reddy (left), executive officer D. Peddiraju and temple AEO I.N.V. Mohan…

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