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Spreading the Word

Spreading the Word

As Mental Health Awareness Month arrives, local organizations want residents to know that help is available and there’s no shame in asking for it.

With a lengthy career in health care, including her current role as the CEO of Central Florida Behavioral Hospital, Vickie Lewis knows as well as anyone that “mental health can touch anyone.” That is especially the case in Florida, where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that more than 32% of adults experience symptoms of anxiety or depression, above the national average, with many of those failing to have their issues addressed for a variety of reasons, including workforce shortages in the field.

Mental Health Awareness Month in May is a great way to make sure that these issues are brought to light and that people in need can access life-saving, critical services. Orlando Family Magazine took the opportunity to speak with leaders from two of the most influential organizations in the area—Lewis and Lisa Kroger, an executive director at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health—to learn more about the available care and what this month means to them.

Kroger oversees…

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