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Spirit Of The Week: Booker’s ‘Pinkie’s Batch’ Bourbon

Spirit Of The Week: Booker’s ‘Pinkie’s Batch’ Bourbon

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Booker’s fourth and final bourbon of 2022 has arrived: Booker’s Batch 2022-04, “Pinkie’s Batch.” Other chapters from last year tipped the cup to Booker’s favorite dinner beverage (“Kentucky Tea Batch”) and his early career escaping the family business (“Lumberyard Batch“). 

Batch 04 echoes the first chapter of 2022, which honored a critical character in Booker’s life—“Ronnie’s Batch” was named after his esteemed Warehouse Manager and resident barrel whisperer Ronnie Land. Batch 2022-04 is an homage to arguably the most important person in Booker’s life, his own dad, Frederick Booker Noe, who family and friends called “Pinkie.”

(Booker’s Batch)

Surprisingly, Pinkie did not join the family business and instead chose to work at the bank. However Jim Beam tells us Booker’s passion for bourbon echoed Frederick’s passion for his own pursuits—including quail hunting, football, golf and of course, bourbon. He enjoyed all of these activities with Booker. 

As with all Booker’s offerings, “Pinkie’s Batch” is the child of seventh generation Master Distiller Fred Noe who selected all the barrels, masterminded the blending and oversaw the finished product—strictly following a 200-year-old family tradition, always bottled uncut (61.2% ABV) and unfiltered. 

Aged 6 years, 10 months and 10 days, “Pinkie’s Batch” exemplifies Booker’s signature vanilla notes, adding touches of cinnamon, clove and toasted peanuts to the bourbon. Expect to pay more that the $90 retail price. $175

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