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South Pacific Warrior, a rare combat Mustang


“We’d fly over the target, level, and the target would go under the wing. We’d be slowing down, and slowing down, pull up, and just do a wing over. Pull over just a little beyond the target and come down straight. We did have a gun-sight, but [we’d] Just line up the target on the seam. We’d drop on straight down and pull out, and either hit the deck or pop up again and come back and strafe, depending on the opposition. Sometimes, if there was any gunfire, which I didn’t see much of, I’d stamp the rudder a little bit, left, right. You’d skid. Don’t keep the ball in the center was my tactic. They’d shoot to the right, and I’m going to the left.”

Unsung Heroes in the South Pacific campaign
The 3rd Air Commando Group, or ACG, was activated by the United States Army on May 1, 1945. Its training focused on a unique mission: to establish and maintain airfields behind enemy lines, provide for its own supply and defense, and attack the enemy’s rear areas and fly air support for allied infantry. The 3rd & 4th Fighter Squadrons, as well liaison and troop carrier units were assigned to this group. After moving to the South Pacific late in 1944, the group stationed itself at Leyte and Mangaldan on Luzon.

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