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Snowshoer Saved from Donner Pass, where Settlers once ate each other


Snowshoer who was looking for fresh powder in the Sierra over the weekend narrowly escaped a dangerous situation when he became hypothermic and turned around just off the Pacific Crest Trail, near one of the most notorious backcountry disasters of American history.

More than a million people in California were affected by the heavy snowfall. Foot of Fresh The Sierra Nevada is experiencing a snowpack and conditions with limited visibility similar to the Donner Party of 1846. In 1846, 81 settlers headed to California along the Hastings Cutoff route were stranded at a high mountainpass. A harsh winter forced them to stay put and try to survive before they found a place to settle. Only 45 of the 81 settlers—and neither of their Miwok guides, who one member of the party murdered—survived the harsh winter on the east side of the pass. 

The missing snowshoer was lucky to have 16 SAR personnel who provided him with warm clothing and snacks to help stabilize his core body temperature and prevent severe hypothermia. The snowshoer was located about 2 miles away from the place where he started his journey ….

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