In a world of countless demands for our time and attention, the best experiences are those that simplify rather than complicate life. This should also apply to the process of designing and building a yacht.

Guillaume Plisson

Oceanco has observed a growing cohort of owners who want to build custom yachts in a way that reflects their shifting priorities and perspectives as a result of today’s rapid pace of life. They are generally younger than yacht owners of the past, but there are also the “young minded” members of the older generation who are keeping up with emerging perspectives, values and trends.

They are busy running multiple businesses and have interests all over the world. Yet, they still expect quality and service. Oceanco’s bold new proposal, designed specifically for the 80-meter clientele, is the reason they have made a conscious decision to return to the market. This sits alongside Oceanco’s award-winning fully custom, refit and rebuild offerings, the latter of which are seeing increased popularity among existing owners looking to update their yachts.

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