Home Insurance Should listed or historic homes be unoccupied?

Should listed or historic homes be unoccupied?


Historic and listed houses have a special place within our culture and heritage, as they showcase architectural innovations, skills and intricate details from past eras. 

These structures can present unique challenges in terms of maintenance and occupancy. 

There are many property owners who struggle with this question. This decision is important from an insurance perspective. In this blog we will discuss the implications. Home Insurance Adrian Flux’s experts examine the pros and cons associated with leaving listed or historical buildings vacant.

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What is a historic or listed building?

Historic buildings have architectural, cultural, and historical value because of their age, design, associations with notable individuals or events, or due to the significance they hold. 

Buildings that are listed have been declared to be of architectural or historic importance. These buildings are protected by law and are classified into three categories: Grade I, Grade II*, and Grade II.

Benefits of leaving listed or historic buildings vacant

It is important to think about a number of factors when deciding to leave an unoccupied property.

1. Preservation of heritage


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