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Seven Summer Learning Tools Every Parent Should Know


Summer is in session but that doesn’t mean that learning needs to stop. There are so many opportunities for students of all grades to continue their learning this summer. 

Here are seven excellent ways to start:

  1. AIClub: A platform online that provides K-12 AI curricula, as well as a wide range of AI related resources and activities. There are interactive lessons and coding challenges as well as ideas for AI projects. The AI Club Gym is a great place for middle school students to explore and learn about AI. 
via AI Club Gym resources
  1. AI World School : This site offers AI modules that can be accessed by students as young at 7 years of age. It also has courses for older students who are interested in virtual driverless cars or ethics. Students can explore fun activities that help them understand AI and its potential benefits and problems. 
AI World School Resources: Examples
  1. Code.org: Offers many resources on coding, STEM, and AI. Teachers can now access videos and other resources to help bring AI into all grades K-12 classrooms. 
  2. Google Quick Draw is an AI-powered game…

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