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Your child’s first job is a great opportunity to prepare them for success financially


You learned how to file taxes in highschool? How do I create a Budget? How do you save money for a new car? We’ve heard from many of you that financial literacy is one skill you wished you had learned in school. Khan Academy offers you and your kids the opportunity to master important life-skills such as budgeting, taxes and other financial topics. 

You’ve been there for every significant moment of your child’s life, from witnessing their first steps and celebrating the loss of their first tooth to proudly watching them cross the threshold into young adulthood. Now, as they embark on the journey of working their first job, you can still provide critical support with Khan Academy’s help.

Introduction to tax forms for your child’s first job

When your teenager or young adult starts their first job, they will be introduced to tax forms. Tax forms and terminologies can seem intimidating. Fortunately, Khan Academy’s free Financial Literacy course is here to help. This comprehensive course simplifies tax terms and scenarios, giving your children the tools to navigate the complex taxation world. 

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