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Sergio Tijerina’s Journey: Turning an ’06 Chevy Silverado into a Ground Zero Worthy Ride


Trust us, we know the power of peer pressure. It’s never a good idea to ask your buddies whether or not you should buy those new wheels, or have your seats redone, or even something as simple as getting your windows tinted. Inevitably, the chants of, “DO IT, DO IT, DO IT …” win out, and next thing you know, you’re spending major coin on your ride again. We usually want a gentle push in the right directions. We probably would have done it anyway, and we’d use the nod to justify it, to ourselves, to our spouses, to our bank accounts. 

Sergio Tijerina was under immense pressure. But most of that pressure came from him. Sergio Tijerina was inspired by the Ground Zero members in his hometown. He knew he had to build a truck that would carry the GZ badge. This obviously wasn’t going to happen overnight, and like all of us, Sergio had a budget to contend with, but with plenty of planning and a flawless game plan he eventually ended up with the truck of his dreams. 

Right out of high school (which for Sergio would be about a decade ago, give or take a year), Sergio put together enough scratch for a down payment on an ’06 Chevy Silverado. Many years of extra hours at work yielded some more play money, and at one point, Sergio just couldn’t contain himself any longer and dropped off his truck at The Drop Shop Customs in Mission, Texas, for a static drop. As often happens, though, Sergio saw the other projects in the shop and decided that he didn’t want to have to do things twice, so he gave shop owner Piri the go-ahead to knock out an air suspension setup that would allow Sergio to lay the frame on the ground. Piri also installed new Moser axles and shortened the rear axle tube to make room for deep-lipped Intro Twisted Rally 24 inch wheels with Toyo tires. 

You can see the difference in color between the work of Gustavo Gutierrez & Edgar Solis. The multi-dimensional graphics and Ruby Red Metallic Paint are works of pure art.

Sergio tells how things snowballed from there. “As soon as it came out of The Drop Shop, I took it to Gustavo Gutierrez, who started on the bodywork and paint. Edgar Solis’s work was recommended by my cousin. I contacted him and asked him to put some of his graphics on my truck. Finally, it went to RGV Auto Sports for the clear.” When all was said and done, Sergio’s truck had been relieved of its door handles, tailgate handle, factory taillights and other “unnecessary” items that tend to clutter up a custom ride’s exterior. Edgar did the graphics and Hector at RGV added the clear. Once the bodywork had been completed, Gustavo applied multiple coats of Ruby Red metallic paint. 

As you can tell, the exterior was gorgeous, but the interior was a disappointment. It looked drab and shabby in comparison. Sergio decided to fix this unfortunate situation by taking his Silverado into Palmas Upholstery, a company in McAllen, Texas. This involved a total overhaul of the interior, including removing most of it and starting over. Audio Shop stitched a customized bench seat, originally from a 1985 C-10, with Katzkin Mandarin Orange Leather, along with the headliner, door panels and custom subwoofer boxes. Joe, Roberto and Efrain from Audio Shop took care of the sound department, installing a variety of Sundown Audio’s latest stereo equipment, which is controlled via a Pioneer head unit. Interior work was completed by an Intro Rally Steering Wheel, AutoLoc Switches and Billetin.com Headlight Knob and AC Vents. 

The interior was a mix-up of Palmas Upholstery, Audio Shop and Billetin.com. It included Empire, AutoLoc, Intro and Billetin.com accessories as well as Sundown Audio stereo componentry.

Sergio had a long road to travel, but he finally achieved the goal that he set himself when he was a teenager. “Now … after years of hard work and dedication, I can take my ride out to Texas shows and am proud to say I’m a member of Ground Zero!” And that, folks, is what this whole truck thing is about. 

The details really stand out on Sergio’s Silverado. The bed is kept neat and tidy with a matching Ruby Red bedliner, and Sergio can still haul in plenty of trophies.

Tech Specs

Owner: – Sergio Tijerina
San Juan, Texas
2006 Chevy Silverado
Club: Ground Zero

Engine & Chassis:
Stock 5.3L V-8
Spectre air filter
6.0L engine covers
The Rearend housing is narrowed by 3.5 inches
Moser axles
Rear axle ratio: 3.73
Custom fuel cell

Suspension & Brakes:
The Drop Shop Customs performs work.
Ekstensive Metalworks rear two-link kit with step notch
Ekstensive Metalworks air ride front kit
Upper and lower control arms by Ekstensive Metalworks
Firestone airbags
QA1 shocks
Dual VIAIR 444C air compressors
Slotted front brake rotors

Wheels & Tires:
24×9 and 24×10 Intro Twisted Rally billet wheels
265/30R24 & 295/30R24 Proxes ST II Toyo tires

Body & Paint:
Edgar Solis and Gustavo Gutierrez of RGV Auto Sport performed this work.
2006 HD hood
Front bumper with color-matched tuck and matching front bumper
With AVS, you can get shaved handles on the fuel door, third brake light, stake pockets, as well as the AVS-style filler panels.
AVS Cali with LED lights and shaved factory rearlights
Ruby Red bedliner
Painted notch covers
Fuel filler AVS billet on bed rail
24 inch wheels tubbed
PPG Ruby Red Metallic Paint
Edgar Solis – Pinstriping and graphics
AVS air horns
Chassis Fab John has created a custom license plate holder.

Interior & Stereo:
Upholstery by Palmas Upholstery
1985 C-10 bench seat
Katzkin Mandarin Orange leather interior
Katzkin leather as a headliner
Custom door panels
AutoLoc Daytona and Daytona billet door handles
Billetin.com AC Vents and Knobs
Empire billet brake, gas and rear-view mirrors
Audio Shop offers stereo services
Pioneer head unit
Sundown wiring
dB Drive P7 6.5-inch separates
Sundown SA 12-inch Subwoofers
Sundown amplifiers
Optima Yellow top battery

Special Thanks From the Owner: “I want to thank Piri from The Drop Shop Customs for the suspension work, Edgar Solis for his awesome graphics work, and Gustavo and Hector from RGV Auto Sport. I also want to thank Rafa Jr.; Lino Palmas Upholstery; my cousin, Cesar Tijerina; my parents and family and all of my Ground Zero fam from Cali to Monterrey, Nuevo León.” 

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