The invitation I received to travel by boat from Venice to Paris was a great opportunity for me. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express It was a real dream!

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other:Train travel is a very seductive experience. Since my childhood, trains have fascinated me. I love the places they go, the people that you meet, and even the mystery. I am not alone in my fascination with trains. There are many works by writers and filmmakers that celebrate
Trains and their role in our lives. The very first “train” film I saw was Von Ryan’s ExpressFrank Sinatra, Trevor Howard and other stars star in the film. I was captivated from the beginning as Sinatra, his fellow POWs, and Trevor Howard took over a train and pretended to be Nazis to make their escape to freedom in Switzerland. Since then, I’ve discovered other exciting films that I watch every chance I get. These include The Train, starring Burt Lancaster; Hitchcock’s The Lady Disappearance; Traveling with My AuntMaggie Smith is in one of the most memorable roles of her career. From Russia with Love, with Sean Connery as James Bond (which has some great scenes on the Orient-Express); and, of course, Agatha Christie’s Murder on…

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