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Schools of the Future – Creating an Entrepreneurial Educational Model


Our economy has changed. Globalization, emerging technologies, and the integration of data analytics are all signs that society is undergoing rapid and profound change. In spite of the obvious signs, education systems and experiences do not respond to the changing and complex future. Our foundational practices in educational reflect an archaic paradigm that continues to worsen performance and opportunities gaps within the ecosystem. 

The factory model is still being improved upon, despite the recent debates about additional resources and policy changes (i.e. American Rescue Plan Act 2021). We must be deliberate and bold in designing future-focused organizations that emphasize skills such as entrepreneurship. Designing “Schools of the Future” For 2030 and beyond, it is essential to align the business model with the entrepreneurial needs of society. How can a factory-based business model be used to achieve this serial transformation? Below, I define and highlight an entrepreneurial education model which will ensure agency, voice and coherence to Generation Z and Generation…

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