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A study shows that school children in India are not fit enough to play sports.


Hyderabad: The 12 th Annual Health Survey by Sportz Village, through its award-winning EduSports in- school Physical Education & Sports programhas revealed poor fitness levels in most school children across India. The survey evaluated various health parameters such as Body Mass Index (BMI), Anaerobic and Aerobic Capacity, Core Strength, Flexibility and Upper and Lower Body Strength for over 73,000 children aged between 7 and 17 in 250 Indian cities and towns.

The survey shows that children’s health is influenced by the frequency with which they participate in weekly Physical Education. The health of children is influenced by the number of P.E. The data reveal a notable correlation between the P.E. Weekly P.E. sessions correlate with various aspects of physical fitness in children.

Remarkably the survey shows that children who engage in more than 2 physical education sessions per week show significantly better performance on various fitness measures.

The improvement in the lower body strength, abdominal strength ,…

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