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Scale cockpit how-to!


When you build a scale RC model airplane, everyone wants to take a look inside your model’s cockpit. Yet most casual modelers neglect this area, thinking it’s too much work or they don’t have the skills. This article shows how I build a scaled cockpit that allows all scale parts to be accessible. Making a cockpit look more realistic elevates the scale model’s whole appearance, and if all the cockpit items are easily accessible that makes servicing your model more convenient. In this article I will add cockpit details to my P-51A Mustang 1/5 scale that I built using Jerry Bates’ plans.

To build and install a detailed interior cockpit in your scale model, you will have to take care of several small details and put them together.

I want to clarify a couple of things before diving into cockpit building. It is important to enjoy yourself. It’s a hobby and everyone has their own way of doing it. If you want to go hog-wild and replicate your model’s full-scale cockpit, including every wire, hydraulic line, and former, then go for it. On the other hand, if you’d rather add only a few items, then by all means do…

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