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Savor Spring’s Flavor in Our Latest Issue

Savor Spring’s Flavor in Our Latest Issue

Winter is gradually melting into the spring season, bringing along delicious fruity flavors. This issue contains recipes with spring-like flavors, such as lemon and poppy seeds, berries, coconut, and coconut flakes. In our Pound Cake Perfection article, we celebrate the elegance and beauty of the poundcake. Each recipe features a different pan with decadent flavors. From the Test Kitchen will show you how to substitute buttermilk when you are short of it. You can find our detailed guide on making Petit Fours in our Baking school In-Depth section. In our Origin of a Classic article, we take a look back at history and tell the story of macarons. Spring bakes don’t always have to be sweet; our Bread Box feature includes two herbaceous bun recipes bursting with flavor. This springtime issue contains a variety of recipes, stories and tips. 

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Pound Cake Perfection – The simplicity of pound cake creates an excellent base for numerous variations of the oh-so-delicious heirloom recipe, from a marbled delight to an Irish cream dream and everything in…

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