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Saving Senior Working Dogs Who’ve Served America


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There are few organizations we admire more than those that find loving homes and care for retired working or senior dogs. Mission K9 Rescue (MK9) sniffs out military and contract working dogs who need homes and has saved more than 1,300 from “every corner of the world” since Kristen Maurer, Louisa Kastner and Bob Bryant founded it in 2013. The organization has reunited more than 540 former military handlers with their dogs. The nonprofit organization, a 501 (c), is based in Houston Texas. It also has satellite offices located in San Antonio and Los Angeles.

Kristen Maurer and Bob Bryant (above), along with Louisa Kastner, co-founded the non-profit MK9 in order to find loving home for retired working dog.

Mission K9 is a…

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