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Dog and Babies Left Huddling in Snow by Savage, Selfish Act


Lucy, a dog that was later named, had endured unimaginable cruelty. But this is a story of survival and not defeat. Lucy’s monster of an owner didn’t want to keep the dog after she had gotten pregnant. She and the puppies she was about to have were rejected. Instead of surrendering Lucy to a shelter, she was placed inside her owner’s vehicle, driven to a desolate road, and dumped in the snow. Lucy chased her owner’s car as he drove off. She couldn’t keep up and lay in the snow, clinging to hope.

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She gave birth quickly to three adorable puppies. The family huddled up to stay warm. Lucy and her baby were spotted by a passerby who called for help. Rescuers arrived and took them to the veterinarian. Lucy and her pups had hypothermia. The staff did everything they could to help warm them up. Lucy and her two puppies recovered but one of them did not. He died peacefully while sleeping.

You can watch videos on YouTube

Lucy’s scars were a clear indication that she had led a hard-life. She was covered in scars– a telltale and heartbreaking reminder that she was never appreciated or loved. All that was about to change. The animal clinic staff came up with an idea and a plan of action. They contacted a rescue group and arranged everything.

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