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Salem Academy – Visit Our Community of Life-Changing Study


As the nation’s only all-girls boarding and day high school on a college campus that offers a STEAM focus, Salem Academy provides not only a nurturing community for students, but also the brightest possible road for future goals. 

The extraordinary outcome is a class that is well-rounded and forward thinking, ready to carve a niche for themselves in the world.

Part of the school’s rigorous college prep curriculum, STEAM was initiated in the summer of 2021, and focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as starting points for guiding students on a path of dialogue, inquiry and critical thinking. 

“Critical thinking is about analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information, a skill which is applicable to any path students choose to take after graduation,” shares the academy’s STEAM coordinator, Jeanette Juran. “We all do this on a daily basis with the information we consume from news media, social media and entertainment by choosing what to watch, listen to and read. By intentionally building critical thinking skills in our students – through our STEAM curriculum – we are preparing them for college and beyond.”

The exciting year of planning can begin once the curriculum has been officially adopted.

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