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Salem Academy – Girl Power for the Real World



Voted the number one best private high school in the Triad, Salem Academy is also the only boarding and day school exclusively for high school girls, located on a college campus – and with a STEAM focus. In 2022, the school celebrated its 250th Anniversary, and the future is brighter than ever as students here learn through the relevant processes of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics, conversations truly relevant in today’s world!

While their college preparatory curriculum is a strong one, the magic formula behind the school’s success is providing a safe, supportive, nurturing and empowering community for girls in grades nine through 12.

“Students – especially girls – need time to talk about what’s going on in the world today,” explains Director of Enrollment Management Jessica Rogers. “We offer them a real sense of belonging, while guiding them towards finding their niche and cultivating their passion.”

Salem Academy’s goal is to help students develop strong leadership and self-confidence. We also place a high emphasis on emotional and wellness development, which helps create well-rounded, lifelong adults. 

“Through listening, learning and pouring ourselves…

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