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Rules for Repowering


For a litany of reasons, you may have to consider replacing a boat’s engine. A previous owner’s lack of maintenance can lead to a catastrophic failure. Sometimes, the water pump breaks, the head seal blows, and the exhaust melts. You may feel that the boat has lost power or is underpowered.

There’s a lot to consider when changing out an engine. To ensure that the repowering goes smoothly, here are a few things to consider.

What Engine?

If an engine fails unexpectedly, it is best to have a replacement available or at least one that is close in comparison. This will be the least invasive scenario in your engine bay, provided everything else is in great shape.

Holes in pistons don’t do much for compression or power production. Rebuild or replace this engine.

Max Parker

If you are increasing horsepower or using a different engine, we’ll have to do quite a bit of measuring and calculating. To avoid issues, significant weight or horsepower changes may also warrant engaging a Naval Architect.

List the pros and cons of each replacement…

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