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RTIC Squares Up for New Halftime Cooler


It’s about that time of year when you start to remember how little consideration for transportation has gone into the design of many things. Halfway through loading up the trunk for whatever it is you’re about to head off to, you realize you’re entirely out of space, and it’s because the neatly-organized pile you thought you were building is more of a heaping pile of garbage just begging to be torched. 

It’s why so many people pride themselves on being efficient packers while the rest of us are so happy to let them handle the work that earns them that crown. RTIC Outdoors knows how to keep you hydrated on your travels. In all reality, it’s hard to believe that the new Halftime coolers aren’t already the standard for design. 

RTIC Halftime Cooler Patriot
RTIC Outdoors

RTIC’s Halftime coolers feature a squared design. Sure, it’s got that modern styling appeal to folks who fancy styles that reinvent the wheel, but there’s a massive practical advantage to the shape. That square design makes life that much easier when you’re loading up the trunk, bed, or trailer. It’s also far more favorable for a number of situations such as storage, setting up camp, and virtually everything else, because squares are simply more space efficient. 

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I know there’s a big gap between cars and coolers, but this isn’t some outlandish idea we’re unfamiliar with. For a while, we’ve been using square containers for everything from fuel to water. It is only logical to expect this from a product that does more than just store liquids.  

RTIC has added some extra bells and whistles in the design to make it stand out from other water coolers. The Halftime coolers are equipped with liquid-level viewports, comfort handles, and  Dual Fast-Flow taps equipped with tap locks to prevent spills and aid with pouring. It is available in white/gray or RTIC’s Patriot color scheme and is available in either 3-gallon or 6-gallon sizes with retail set at $99 and $149, respectively.

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