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Roman Breakfast Quest


Brian Hart Hoffman

Pizza for breakfast? Yes, it’s a thing. When I went to Roma to produce this magazine, I was surprised by the long lines of people waiting for a pizza to begin their day. The quest for the ultimate Roman Breakfast was more than just a pizza-fueled adventure. After watching the Rome episode Stanley Tucci: Searching For Italy, I was introduced to maritozzo. I knew I had discover it myself. Katie Parla, a well-known author and trusted food source in Rome, was my first choice to show me the city. Those of you who know me know I don’t get up early for much, but the bakeries we visited made the early alarm worth it.

Joann Pai, Photographer

We started with a visit to Panifi cio Bonci for their famous pizza bianca. Gabriele Bonci, owner and master baker, is one of Italy’s most important baking figures, and he’s essentially re-engineered Roman pizza, from the grain up. At first sight, you might think this flatbread is focaccia, but it’s not. I learned that pizza bianca isn’t enriched and doesn’t have a second rise. It can be eaten as a bread on its own or stuffed with mortadella and then topped generously with…

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