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Robots for Your Pets—and More Questionably Useful Smart Home Tech From CES 2024


The Las Vegas tradeshow was dominated by voice-controlled products, including a surprising amount of dog companionship items.

Smart home technology promises to improve our quality of life. It has in some respects. Home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa are pretty good at turning off the lights and reporting on the weather. But they can also leave you fuming, refusing to respond for no good reason or piping up when they haven’t been called upon. What do they do with all this data? They may not work as well for you as you would like, but they still leave a small footprint on your credenza.

The best home tech doesn’t speak unless spoken to, isn’t obtrusive, and ultimately shouldn’t take up more of your time—smart lighting systems, for example, can be set once and then hum along without a thought. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, however, dozens of brands announced smart home products that are decidedly for a crowd that wants to feel their presence. A lot of the robots on display can help you take care of your dog.

A Samsung AI-Supported Robot

The robot-as-domestic-worker, a 1960s fantasy a la The Jetson’s Rosey is here, whether or not we asked for her. Ballie, an…

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