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Rheumatologist: Never Ignore Big Toe Pain — It Can Be the First Sign Of Underlying Disease


For such a small body part, your big toe can cause enormous pain — and when it wakes you in the middle of the night, the sensation is impossible to ignore. As it turns out, this type of pain is surprisingly common, especially when it occurs at night — and especially as we get older. Like many other symptoms, this one can be caused in a variety of ways. So we asked top doctors who specialize in feet and joints just what a throbbing pain in your big toe can mean — and what you can do to ease the ache.

It is good to know that your toes are likely treatable, no matter what the underlying cause is. The pain can be caused by medical problems, and sometimes long-term treatments. Continue reading to find out more about this bizarre symptom.

Why does toe ache strike at night time?

Why is the toe pain worse at nighttimes? Juan J. Maya MD is a rheumatologist and medical advisor at CreakyJoints: You’re likely lying down after a day packed with activity. As your body relaxes, you’re more likely to notice discomfort that you were able ignore during your busy day. “Nighttime is when your mind is kind of…

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