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It’s hard to know where to start with a complex skill like crevasse rescue. Rope handling?
How to read a glacier Mechanical advantage? In our Mountain Skills article “So You Want to Learn Crevasse Rescue?” from Number 156, guide Niels Meyer highlights what’s critical. This page is a companion to the article and offers additional resources to get you started.

Watch the rescue of a crevasse:

Understanding mechanical advantage

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Mountaineering : The Freedom of the Hills 9th Edition

Backcountry Skiing – Ski Touring & Mountaineering Skills

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Sawtooth Mountain Guides Ski Mountaineering Camp

Mountain Madness Ski Mountaineering Course

Gear Recommendations

Petzl Micro Traxion – Compact and lightweight progress capture pulley for crevasse rescue and hauling, self-rescue and emergency ascenders. The cam can be locked to the open position, allowing the device to be used as a standard pulley. Sealed ball-bearings ensure excellent efficiency.

Tibloc: Compact and ultralight ascender that can be used for self-rescue, hauling systems, or friction knot replacement. TIBLOC is equipped with an automatic system which presses the carabiner onto the rope, braking the rope.

Hollow Block: A friction hitch constructed with hollow-braids, suitable for use on ropes of 7 mm and larger as a Klemheist or prusik knot.

To read the full article “So You Want to Learn Crevasse Rescue?” pick up a copy of This is Issue 156. Stay tuned for more ski mountaineering reviews. This is Issue 157. Or, subscribe, to read stories from the untracked experience when they’re first published.

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