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Resene Paint Project: DIY Comforting Colours and Textures


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  It is easy to create an interior that is inviting, interesting and not too bland by combining warm colors in a way that offers variation. Then add texture to bring it all together. The walls are painted in Resene Amaranth, a grainy ochre colour. 

  Natural materials have a grounding effect that is incredibly powerful. Introduce any number of textures — we’ve favoured timber, rattan and ceramics, plus an aged-metal effect on the sideboard, which you could recreate with Resene FX Metallic and Resene FX Paint Effects Medium. Make a test panel with Resene Testpots. You can then refer to it as you paint to ensure consistency.

  Dining chairs can be a good project for beginners who are looking to create their own mark. Ours were second-hand. We gave the legs a light sand and painted them in Resene Enamacryl tinted Resene Pandemonium. This rich shade goes well with our walls. The high-gloss paint finish adds a touch of polish. The seats were then reupholstered, which was a simple process of unscrewing…

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